Who is KT?

I am Kevin Thompson, and I am a father, scouter, learner, author, mentor, public speaker, outdoorsman, handyman, marketer, techie, nerd, and full-time kiltman.  I started Shenanicandies after two years of experimenting with making chocolates.  I find fudge boring and I sought to make something better after tinkering with chocolates.   Trial and error is the hardest way to get something figured out, and it is how I created Funache.  Lots and Lots of chocolate fed to excited friends eager to see what kind of shenanigans I had come up with.

A good friend not only came up with the logo, but he and his wife named the company, Shenanicandies.  It is a perfect representation of what I am doing.  Amazing Funache with all manner of shenanigans and fun!

What exactly is Funache?

Funache is somewhere between a Fudge and a Ganache.  It is solid, feeling and looking like a fudge as the foil wrapper is removed. That is where the fudge resemblance ends.  It is smooth and creamy as it melts in your mouth.  As the chocolate subsides, the subtle flavor comes to life.  I flavor Funache with all manner of liquour and spirits.  The range of flavors is nearly endless, from simple schnapps and cordials to single malts, absinthe and a 25 year old Armagnac.

Enjoying a piece of Funache is an experience to be relished and repeated.  Funache can be paired with a fine wine, single malt or  by itself when you are having a hard day and need a little boost of joy.

This is not your average chocolate.